Welcome ToLodge Thasang VillageKobang, Mustang, Nepal

Mountains to the north, mountains to the south, the life-giving river flowing in between - this is Thasang in Mustang, a northern centre district in Nepal. Nestled between the majestic Himalayas and the picturesque setting of nature is Lodge Thasang Village, your stop in the mountains. The region is the native home of the Thakali people, who collectively refer to the surrounding villages of Naurikot, Larjung, Kobang, and Tukuche as Thasang.

Discover the unbeaten path

Thasang lies in the off-trek route of the Annapurna circuit, making it still an undiscovered destination in the mountains. The proximity to the Himalayas and the geographical location of Thasang will make you feel as though you can converse with the mountains straight from your heart. The rivers and lakes rejoicing in the untainted nature will rejuvenate and revitalise you with the mountain spirit.

Feel the Kaligandagi Wind

Rejoice in nature

The Kaligandaki River flows through the valley where the high mountain snow melts and travels South to India. Discover this scenic village as you listen to the roaring winds 2700 metres above sea level, splash through the still and immaculate waters of the river valley, and access a past closed to the world for centuries. Book your next discovery with us.